Prenatal Nurture Retreat: 30 Min.

Prenatal Nurture Retreat: 30 Min.

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Prenatal HealthPrenatal Nurture Retreat is intended to support your needs during pregnancy. While pregnancy brings much excitement and anticipation, it can also be a period of much stress for your body and mind. There is a lot to look forward to, but there are also a lot of challenges to attend to. Week by week, your body undergoes several changes – physical, emotional and hormonal – and as a result, sometimes you feel elated and sometimes you feel tired, anxious, and overwhelmed. It is critical that you stay strong and centered during this important time in order to nurture the life that is taking shape inside of you. Practice of deep breathing and relaxation at Prenatal Nurture Retreat will help you create a healthy, nurturing environment for your baby and for yourself. And while your are taking care of yourself, you will also enjoy this precious, uninterrupted time to connect and bond with your growing baby.

Please follow these guidelines when you visit Prenatal Nurture Retreat:

In the early stage of pregnancy, you may take up any pose that is comfortable for you. If you are more than four months pregnant, lying on your left side is recommended. You may wish to keep a pillow under your right knee for support and comfort. Remember to keep off all distractions for the duration of the retreat to make this time meaningful for yourself and your baby.

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