José Ricardo Espiet
José Ricardo Espiet

José Ricardo Espiet

My newest and most enjoyable project yet. The admiration I have for architecture, space and hospitality has taken me into a new journey. You’re all welcome aboard to this fantastic trip, that will take us into the very best precious retreats, getaways and hidden spots. Have fun!

José Ricardo Espiet
José Ricardo Espiet

Born in December, 1966. At one year of age Ricardo J. Espiet and his family moves to Europe where they eventually live in countries like Germany, Sweden and Holland. From there to the United States for several years and finally back home to the Caribbean. In 1987 José is admitted at “Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan” (League of Arts Students of San Juan) under the wing of various famous artist and referred to “Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico” (Puerto Rico School of Plastic Arts) obtains a degree in sculpture. Specialized in Architectural Ornamentation Restoration, starts his functions for the government of P.R.

José Ricardo Espiet

Why this project?

His artistic passion is a contribution of space, architecture and aesthetics. In search for those special retreats and spots he finds the relationship of all this elements are vital in a perfect getaway. Gastronomy, landscape and hospitality crowns the whole experience. So lets see what selected places have to permanently mark your taste for the best. Enjoy!

José Ricardo Espiet

Artistic Achievements 

  • He has showed his work in numerous Art Exhibitions.
  • His art is part of a large list of international private collectors.
  • His portfolio contains over 30 restoration interventions in 18th century historic sights.
José Ricardo Espiet
José Ricardo Espiet



In the 90’s


Tri-Star Movie Corp.

As an art student he did special effects and props for the filming of Weekend War in Puerto Rico a movie made for HBO by the company Tri-Star Movie Corp. (At that time). 

Monitored Workshop

The government of Spain opened 21 special workshops around old Spanish colonies training new generations in the lost arts of restoration. This was done because of 500th Celebration of the Discovery of the Americas. Ricardo J. Espiet monitored directly the architectural workshop that was established in Ponce, Puerto Rico.




Conservation and Restoration

Restored over 30 buildings from cathedrals, monuments and historic strutures from the 18th century like “Banco Popular de Puerto Rico” (Bank of Puerto Rico) in the city of Ponce and many more. 


Studied in “Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico” (School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico). Where in 1992 obtains a B.A. in sculpture. He also obtains a teachers degree from the University of Puerto Rico. Specialized in Architectural Ornamentation Restoration, starts his functions for the government of P.R as a conservation and restoration specialist for the historic site division of the Institute of Culture of P.R. 

June 1992



Jayuya, Puerto Rico.