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Experience and quality, our best effort is to showcase what a real precious retreat has to offer to its visitors. What to expect in your stay and how to make it the best. We’ll review, every aspect of our stay from check-in to check-out. You get to see first hand all the extras and amenities this lifestyle provides. Surroundings, restaurants, spas, boutiques, pools, beaches, hidden spots, adventures, tours, and many more. 

Don’t just imagine it, JOIN IN! BE PART OF THE CREW, lets us take you into this adventure. 

Don’t even miss one of our episodes “The Getaway Doctor’s” on our youtube channel.

We believe this channel shows you the real deal of a glorious stay.



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VP of Marketing


VP of Marketing






About Us
About Us



Promoting the very best in hospitality experiences stimulates people to travel. Worldwide exposition episodes of our adventures and blogs makes it a lot more active and real. We don’t back in promotional production and exposure.


Best Services

Provide an outstanding full cover review of the many retreats and locations visited by our crew and production team, from a blog post to a 30-40 minute episode on our YouTube channel. We take our time to produce high quality content for our viewers and sponsors.

About Us
About Us


What we stand for

You’ll notice how much love we have for this new project. Not only showcasing retreats, but culture, festivities and nature conservation and eco-tourism are many of the things our viewers can gain knowledge from.


Where our inspiration comes from

Space – Architecture – Nature

Creating awareness over the posibilities of traveling while enjoying the best in hospitality and ecotourism. We live in a very friendly environment called “Planet Earth” let’s all responsibly enjoy it.  

About Us

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Where are we from

Island of enchantment

We are from the beautiful Puerto Rico. Home to a great and diverse population and a vacation destination for people from around the world. If your looking for a place to escape from cold winter seasons Puerto Rico’s endless summer can suit your desires.