Imagine the luxury of a spa, the rejuvenation of a vacation, the healing power of a sanctuary, and the serenity of meditation – all rolled together into an instant personal retreat.

Welcome to Precious Retreats – a collection of theme-based guided meditations you can access anytime you need.

If the amount of stress outweighs the amount of nurture in your life, Precious Retreats is your personal getaway - a place you want to visit to experience total acceptance without judgment.

Whether you need relief from chronic stress that is depleting you, or you need to detoxify from the inside out; whether you’re struggling in relationships because of an impaired sense of self, or you have trouble leaving your anxieties behind when you go to bed at night; whether you’re a mom-to-be who needs extra nurture for yourself and your baby, or you need a personal sanctuary to recharge from the inside out; whether you’re looking for healthy ways to fend off environmental insults and slow down aging, or you need an energy boost without the calories – there is something for everyone at Precious Retreats.

To get your own retreats, follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Explore the entire collection. 2. Listen to the samples. 3. Buy the retreats that suit your needs of the moment. 4. Transfer them to your mp3 player.

Now you can visit your retreats anytime and anywhere at your convenience. The more you use them, the more you’ll realize their impact on the quality of your life. Indeed, every minute spent at Precious Retreats is a step forward to make your life better.

Why Precious Retreats?

When it comes to health and well-being, much discussion revolves around diet and exercise. Unfortunately, there is a third essential component that is rarely mentioned. This significant component deserves equal if not more attention because it is the bedrock, the invisible foundation of personal health; without it, you could be seriously shortchanging your health and well-being.

That essential component is meaningful relaxation - the best source of organic replenishment for the body, mind, and soul.

Meaningful rest is all about giving yourself a break from the incessant barrage of environmental insults. It’s about creating a zone of organic replenishment and experiencing the inner wisdom of your body, mind and spirit.

Meaningful rest requires getting away from electronic gadgets, media chatter and social interactions. Much of what you perceive as leisure could be interesting and entertaining, but if it does not make for organic replenishment, it’s not serving your health.

Lack of organic replenishment deprives the body of its essential recovery process. Build up of excess stress hormones in the body triggers a cascade of reactions that can manifest in a number of ailments that threaten your health and cause premature aging. Chances are that many of the modern-day maladies – excess anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation, insomnia, depression, allergies, eating disorders and a number of autoimmune disorders like diabetes can be traced back to poor organic replenishment.

If you are one of those who wakes up tired in the morning and goes to bed wired at night, inadequate replenishment could be at the root of your fatigue. You need meaningful rest and a place of your own to rise above the din of everyday noise and a personal sanctuary where you can unwind the tension and recharge your batteries.

The personal sanctuaries at Precious Retreats fulfill the need for meaningful relaxation. As a first step towards choosing your retreats, explore the gallery above, read the descriptions, listen to the samples and identify your current need. If you are feeling low, Brighten Up retreat can help you access your inner light. Powerhouse Retreat can help you tap into your inner power while Melt Away Retreat can help you unwind from the daily stress. Prenatal Nurture Retreat is your ideal retreat during pregnancy, but you will find it equally helpful for rest and recovery during your postpartum period. And if time is not on your side, spending just ten minutes at Optimal Breathing Retreat can refresh you from the inside out. Zee Retreat is your best friend at night when the world around you is fast asleep and you feel lonely and anxious because you can't sleep. Energy Infusion Retreat is not only a boost of energy for you, it can also help you keep off from all the calorie-laden foods you crave when you are suffering from an energy deficit.

Precious Retreats has something for everyone, and whether you download one retreat or more, think of each retreat as your personal sanctuary towards healthy living.

Each Precious Retreat is intended to transport you into a flow state of deep relaxation. In this calm zone, the magic of organic recovery begins to unfold in the physical, psychological and spiritual realm. As the body relaxes, it restores its internal balance and promotes healing from within. You begin to regain your strength and resilience. As the clouds of anxiety drift away and the chatter in your mind settles, you feel bright and clear-headed. As you immerse deeper in the pool of organic replenishment, sometimes you encounter illuminating insights arising from the deep, fertile inner space. You lose sense of time and space. You float in the ocean of joy and continue your journey towards the state of pure being.

And when the retreat comes to an end, you experience total personal renewal. Your body is refreshed, your mind is clear and your spirit is tranquil. You emerge from the retreat looking glorious and feeling invigorated. Your awareness is heightened, your focus is clearer, and you regain your inner spark of life.

The experience of deep nurture at Precious Retreats opens up a whole new dimension in your life. The world outside remains messy and chaotic, but you bring to it a renewed and healthy perspective. You realize that you may not be able to control the environment, but you can cultivate inner strength, clarity and balance to make your life meaningful. You recognize that at the end of the day, life is not about speed, it's about meaning, and for that reason, Precious Retreats is a gift that keeps giving. Give it a try and experience the joy.

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