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Precious Retreats

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“Make sure your life is worth remembering when you grow old.”

-Bryant J. Pagán Agostini

About Us

It’s a totally differet website, not only a travel/destination site. Adding to our site you get to see on our youtube channel “The Getaway Doctor’s” episodes in which we live to the fullest what a luxury hospitality experience is all about.

From checking in to checking out we present what all the Precious Retreats we visit, have to offer. Not only that, but in the same time you’ll see the many different aspects that take part on our adventures. Plus on our site you will find a store with fantastic items made for the high end buyers. Benefit of very special treatment through our exclusive membership.



Our Youtube channel will be didicated to the full enjoyment of our viewers, we want to connect with what they want. And to achieve this will be creating website and youtube blogs of the destination we get to see and stay at. We’ll provide details, tips and many things regarding that specific Precious Retreat. Including our personal opinion of the retreat.


Our goal is to help any hotel, villa, tour guides, etc, expand to a broader and diverse audience 

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Jayuya, Puerto Rico.