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“It’s easy to dream about it, but much harder to execute it.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

About Us

Welcome to Precious Retreats!

This is a totally different travel & destination site. We wanted to add some spice to it through our YouTube channel “The Getaway Doctor’s” where you get to see seasons and episodes in which we live to the fullest what a luxury hospitality experience is all about.

Right from arrival, we present what the Precious Retreats we visit have to offer. Our adventures, tours, special treatments and pampering are just a hint of all you will enjoy in our site channel. Access to a Fine Art Gallery and a very exotic store with fantastic items made for special people just like you. 



Our goal is providing updated luxury hospitality experiences through our YouTube channel “The Getaway Doctor’s”. This way visitors and future clients can enjoy a full glance of view’s and details they can expect in their visit to the location showcased. We are sure you will find extras that sometimes are enough to flip every travelers expectations on how it really should be.


  • Through our various promotional offers we deliver wider social media exposure for selected retreats and vacationing experiences.
  • Expanding their reach to a bigger and more diverse audience. “The Getaway Doctor’s” YouTube channel, let our viewers have a real opportunity of enjoying a full vacation retreat.                                                                               

Art Gallery & Stores

It is a big goal for us the support and exposure we can offer to local and international artist in our “Fine Art Gallery”. Folk-art, handmade products, unique items, organics, boutiques, jewelry, coffee and much more are the surprises you will find on:

  • Fine Art Gallery
  • Exotic Store “Caguana” 

Inspire your life and live to the fullest, watch this beautiful video made by Prince Ea. Take off and don’t doubt on your dreams.